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Translation Services

Understanding and comprehension are vital components of any sale, communication, awareness campaign, datasheet, product/service brochure, website, or negotiation.

Marketing & Communication documents:

Whether it be to write, edit or simply proof-read your texts in English, have an experienced "native" English speaker and writer, with business acumen help you make your contents of the highest quality possible.

Translations of documents can also be proposed using trusted partners:

  • French to English

  • German to English

  • Chinese to English

  • English to French

  • English to German

  • English to Chinese

If the text is too complex or technical for us, then we will tell you.

Quality and satisfied customers are essential to us.

Translations during meetings:

Be it in a face-to-face meeting, at a booth at an exhibition, over the phone or by conference calls, or even during an important business dinner, get an accurate and trustworthy rendering of what was said.

Just as important can be what was is maybe not said!

Multilingual and multicultural understanding is paramount:

  • English  (native)

  • French   (native)

  • German (fluent)

  • Spanish (fluent)

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