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A unique methodology

There are many definitions of Marketing.

In my methodology Marketing is the analysis of the Market.

Does not include Communication.

Marketing is an integral part of an International Business Development Plan as it defines all the parameters of the market under study.

It includes the basic 4Ps:

1 - Product

2 - Price

3 - Place

4 - Promotion


the additional Ps in the 7Ps:

5 - People

6 - Process

7 - Physical evidence


but also additional "Ps" that make up my 21Ps, such as:

  8 - Packaging

  9 - Pains

12 - Partners

14 - Projections

16 - Profit

20 - Paradigm

21 - Proof of principle

OOTB ideas 2.jpg

It is the accumulation of the knowledge known about the market in question.

Know your market, the actors, competitors, potential partners, customers, pricing, product positioning, trends, all segmented into categories, profiles, territories, etc.

Having the right information is only the beginning of the process. You then need to know what to do with the information, how to use it to define and refine your strategy.

Henry Ford is accredited to have said:

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses".

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