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Communication is all direct and indirect interaction with the outside world.

Be it physical or digital.

Whether concerning you, your company, your brand, your team members, your products and/or services, your partnerships, your technology, your growth, your plans, your goals, your successes.

Whether axed towards your customers, prospects, shareholders, stakeholders, employees, partners.

All communication, regardless of channel, should be closely and directly linked to your sales goals.

It is an omnichannel tool to support sales.

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Several "Ps" come under the more generic heading of Communication:

1 -   Product

2 -   Price

3 -   Place

4 -   Promotion

7 -   Physical evidence

8 -   Packaging

10 - Penetration

11 - Position

15 - Performance

18 - Proposals

19 - Principals

20 - Paradigm

Due to the 3D interrelated matrix of an Integrated Business Development Plan, several "Ps" can appear in several sections.


"To effectively communicate, we must realise that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others".

Tony Robbins

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