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In most enterprises, People are the most precious asset.

As many sporting examples show, a well-motivated team can be 30-50% more efficient than a normal team.

The creation and implementation of the appropriate Principles and company values define the path. Adapted recruitment builds the team.

Management is also involved when getting the best out of your team, partners, suppliers, stakeholders. When they go the extra mile without you having to ask.

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The appropriate management style, including empowerment, involvement, feedback, empathy, guidance, information sharing, is the foundation of a successful company.

Teams can be multi-national, multi-lingual, cross-cultural, cross-functional, matrix, agile, decentralised, or any combination of these. Their management needs to be adapted accordingly.

Knowing what motivates them is a key success factor, and it usually goes way beyond simply financial considerations.

"Train people well enough so that they can leave. Treat them well enough so that they don't want to."

Sir Richard Branson

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