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Sales Distribution Networks

Customers are critical. Without them, a business is usually not viable, at least not long term.

Except in very rare cases, customers don't simply buy a product. They have to be sold to, and depending on the Product or service, the routes to market can differ greatly. From country to country, region to region, culture to culture.

Building a highly efficient sales network is essential. Be it through direct sales, the use of Distributors and/or Agents.


Getting it right the first time is critical in order to avoid costly disappointments.

Whether during the selection phase, the negotiation phase, or the training and motivation phases, there are vital steps that need to be respected in order to maximise chances of success. For both parties.

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Signing a contract with a sales partner has no value if it doesn't generate or exceed the expected sales, margins and profits.

Having an experienced professional to look after or assist you with building what is essentially the engine of your company, can help avoid costly mistakes, and accelerate and optimise income.

Using the appropriate CRM and sales funnel process will generate the right MQLs, SQLs and KPIs.

"Don't find customers for your product,

find products for your customers".

Seth Godin

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